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Contact us today to plan an initial and immediate consultation in order to discuss your needs.

  • Theme Elaboration
    We offer suggestions concerning any theme by discussing colour trends and theme event ideas.
    We thus offer to help you oversee your own unique event.
  • Supplier Referral
    We do have a database which includes professional suppliers to which we can refer you,
    such as a disc-jockey, a caterer, a venue, an officiant, and so on.
  • Site Research
    We provide you with research, thus we can refer you to various venues which would
    suit your vision and budget, such as parks, arenas, neighbours, historical sites and others…
  • Wedding Timeline Construction
    We create a wedding timeline and planner template or provide you with the creation
    of a personalized timeline and planner, such as a checklist, for your wedding.
  • Budget and Financial Projections
    We gather information concerning the budget, with the members it involves,
    and we appropriately assist you in dividing and allocating it.
  • Decoration
    We suggest various decoration solutions, within your theme and your budget frames.
  • Protocol
    We provide you with guidance in making clear, relevant and coherent decisions,
    with particular attention given to the accurate vocabulary.
  • Personal Shopping
    We make your wedding shopping experience time and cost efficient, most notably
    by planning your appointments and your meetings with the suppliers you will have chosen.
  • Contact with the Suppliers
    We visit or contact suppliers with you or on your behalf, as well as assist you in contract,
    price or service related negotiations.
  • Do-it-Yourself Projects
    We help you outline any do-it-yourself project you may have, such as creating your own
    invitations, favours, centerpieces, etc.





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